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King Food aps, is a trading company that through some good partnerships represents some of the largest brands and manufacturers in foodservice.

Our assortment is primarily kebab and burger, but we have a very deep and wide assortment within all beef, veal, lamb, chicken and various prepared meat products.

In cooperation with our customers and suppliers, we develop new and innovative products for industry, foodservice and retail.



Kebab is a Persian word meaning grilled meat. Döner Kebab freely translated means rotating grilled meat, which has its origins in Bursa, Turkey from abt. 1853.

The idea of Döner Kebab is that the juice and taste of the roasted meat should not disappear into the fire, as can happen, for example, by horizontal roasting. Therefore, the solution is used with a vertical roasting, the bottom of which, accordingly, is most often juiciest.

Our range in kebab is probably the most extensive there is on the market


We have a very large assortment in Burger, with or without spices, fresh or frozen in all sizes and diameter.

We produce fresh burger 100% Danish beef 125-250 g., only from Danish raw materials at the factory in Slagelse.

The frozen burgers are produced at the factory in Poland, these are characterized by min 90% beef, and for some customers we make special production with 100% beef, without additives.


We have a very large assortment in raw, fresh, frozen and breaded, fried chicken products.

Breaded products include wings, bite, popcorn, innerfillet, nugget and burger, both for the foodservice and retail market.

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